Sacred Portrait Drawing

5 Weeks To Drawing The Most Beautiful Gods & Goddesses,
And Establishing Your Own Art Practice On The Go

Hi there,

As you know, art is an important part of my life.

And so it is in the community life of Taveuni, my friend Sonnja Naitauba who lives on Taveuni shared with me recently.

However, through ‘westernization’, sacred art got pushed more in the background and children are suffering the lack of being able to express their Heart and the Mystery of Life in their own unique free Way.

She and her friends are dedicated to serving the children of Taveuni through creative and free expression via art.

Sonnja recently has invited me to share my own unique sacred art expression in workshops with the local Taveuni children and youth.

I am going to be there in August, September and October this year, on artist residency.

In the running towards my flight to Fiji, Sonnja Naitauba and myself will be hosting an auspicious series of art workshops, dedicated to teaching you how to draw sacred portraits. Each retreat will support your creation of a specific Sacred Portrait of a Hindu God or Goddess. By doing this for 5 weeks, you will have established your own art practice.

The money raised through hosting this course I will use to raise money to pay for my artist residency on Taveuni.

And so YOU are invited to join:

Sacred Portrait Drawing.

What Is Sacred Portrait Drawing?
Sacred Portrait Drawing is:
> 5 weeks of unlocking your creativity;
> 5 weeks of diving deeply into sacred Hindu culture, learning about the origin of words/mantras and the most prevalent gods/goddesses;
> 5 weeks of opening up the body through personally/intentionally guided yoga sessions;
> 5 weeks of locating the root of true beauty;
> 5 weeks of exploring the practice of sacred portrait drawing;

What Does Sacred Portrait Drawing Look Like?
Week 1: Drawing Kali
> The Beauty = Absence Principle
> Introduction to the energy of Kali
> Researching Kali

Week 2: Drawing Shiva
> Introduction to the energy of Shiva
> Researching Shiva

Week 3: Drawing the Kali Yantra
> Introduction to the energy of the Kali Yantra
> Researching the Kali Yantra

Week 4: Drawing Ramakrishna
> Introduction to the energy of Shailputri
> Researching Ramakrishna

Week 5: Drawing Tara
> Introduction to the energy of Tara
> Researching Tara

The Heart Of Yoga
To open up the Body to full feeling and breathing Heart-Conductivity before drawing, Sonnja Naitauba will be guiding 30 minutes of Yoga, followed by me guiding the 1h Sacred Portrait Drawing workshop.

> You know about Hindu culture more deeply
> You know what it feels like to have a sacred art practice
> You feel equipped to…
> You have established your own art practice
> You have where beauty roots
> You have direct access to beauty


Sacred Portrait Drawing.

Taken from our BEST experiences, knowledge and X that Sonnja Naitauba and myself have gathered over the past 10+ years as artists.

Just imagine what you will know and be able to do when you join us for this beautiful course!

Our stories
Sonnja Naitauba
Sonnja Naitauba found her way home to Fiji at the age of 21 and decided to stay forever. She feels her natural being to be home in Nature, which is her favorite place to breath in stillness or movement, to draw and photograph or to do nothing but sit around and observe plants and animals. Some call her a Yogini, because of her dedication to right life disciplines that serve Radiant Heart Conductivity, but she appears more like a friendly cat that loves to stretch, cuddle and eat. The good fortune of finding God always being present in her own Heart and in the Heart of all others, moves her to share and serve this Happiness especially in children and young people.

Anke Hans
I’m Anke Hans. I’m a 35 year old artist from the Netherlands. After many years of hesitance, insecurity, doubt and identity crisis, I surrendered to the Truth in early 2017 and started drawing unstoppably instantly. And now, well, here we are. I live in Maria Hoop, a small village in the south of the Netherlands, with my beautiful friend. I have a business as an artist creating and selling my art as well as supporting other artists achieving the same. I love being, having deep conversations, creating whatever I want to create & going on train adventures on the weekends.

Sacred Portrait Drawing: The Details
Type of Course: Online Course
Content Types You Can Expect: Live Zoom Retreats, Creative PDF Templates To Get Your Creative Juices Flowing Instantly
Content Will Be Delivered In: Zoom Sessions, a dedicated Signal support group
Retreat Dates: Sunday June 5th, Sunday June 12th, Sunday June 19th, Sunday June 26th and Sunday July 3rd.

What you get when you say YES to Sacred Portrait Drawing
> 5x Access to preparatory The Heart Of Yoga session (5 x 30 minutes, value €250)
> 5x Access to Weekly ZOOM Sacred Murti Drawing Workshop (5x 1,5 hour, value €735)
> 5x Done For You Weekly Course Templates (5x printable pdf sheets, value €47)
> 1x Access to a dedicated Signal/Telegram group to share your art/progress/process/questions/breakthroughs/experiences (5 weeks, value €97)
> 5x Recording of each lesson (5x 1 hour, value €235)

Portrait templates that are yours to use during the course

7 Reasons To Join Sacred Portrait Drawing Now
#1: You feel that there’s an artist inside of you and you want to explore that identity from the comfort of your home;
#2: You are interested in learning more about Hindu culture;
#3: You want to help increase the well-being of children on Taveuni by gifting them the opportunity to explore the power of their creativity freely;
#4: You love me & my work and you want to support my art in going global.
#5: You want to learn how to establish your own art practice

The value of Sacred Portrait Drawing is: €1364.
However. If you say YES to Sacred Portrait Drawing by May 31st 23:50 Amsterdam time, your investment for Sacred Portrait Drawing is only: €440.
And if it is more convenient for you to pay in 3 terms of €147, then that is also possible.
P.S.: Of the money raised, Sonnja Naitauba will receive 11% for contributing to organizing & providing content for the workshops.

Bonus to Sacred Portrait Drawing
As a bonus to Sacred Portrait Drawing, you receive instant access to the recording of Leelas Of Love Edition #2: Simon Pritchard. This is a wonderfully full and invocative YouTube video of nearly 2,5 hours of Leelas that Simon Pritchard shared with us in June 2018 (value: €47).

Signing up
Send me an email to if you want to sign up for Sacred Portrait Drawing.
Please include a personal introduction of yourself and attach a photo of your beautiful being.

Money Back Guarantee
If you’re not 100% satisfied with everything you receive in Sacred Portrait Drawing I’ll give you your money back. Simply email me at within 24 hours after the first retreat and I’ll refund your money. No questions asked.