Allow me to introduce you to Rosa Luxemburg.

Rosa Luxemburg was a 19th century Marxist political philosopher & revolutionary with a profound love for the world.

Red Rosa’s purpose in life was to restore the dignity of human beings.

By traveling the globe and educating people, she removed them from the sphere of inequality & poverty and returned to them autonomy over life & work.

What about work, you may ask?

Well, the way work is designed isn’t particularly humane, Rosa said.

She saw the majority of work to be a pressuring burden on people’s lives.

And that pressuring burden alienates people from themselves, their talents and their possibilities.

That’s not what work should be like.

So what does did Rosa propose to do instead?

She proposed to redesign work in a way that’s good for the soul.

By shortening working days, diversifying tasks, adding continuous self development and including periods of rest.

And if anything else feels off?

Then, Rosa said, everybody should feel free to exercise their freedom and speak up.


By expressing what is happening in the moment:

“To express what is happening now is the most revolutionary thing a human being can do.”

This is an ode to Rosa Luxemburg.