Tara Deva Trika Yantra (Original Drawing)


Title: Tara Deva Trika Yantra
Year: 2022
Dimensions: 40 x 40 cm
Materials: markers on paper
Shipping fee: included in the price

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The Tara Deva Trika Yantra is a mystical diagram in Kashmir Shaivism. The trident in the middle representing Shiva, or Consciousness. And on the  tips of Shivaʼs trident you see three flowers representing the triadic energies of the Goddess: Para (transcendence), Parapara (transcendence &  immanence) and Apara (immanence). And stories aside, the Tara Deva Trika Yantra is just totally beautiful in her symmetry. Great to have around and  look at frequently, because we become what we meditate on.


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