6 Weeks To Making Money Being You, Doing Absolutely Nothing

Hi there beauty,

There’s a few things I could do now, like magnifying your deepest desires and pressing your pain points using the words you have spoken to me in our 1:1 conversations.

I’m not going to.

I’m just going to tell you what I want to tell you.

Which is this:

I want you to REMEMBER that your being here is enough.

I want you to EXPERIENCE that the work of your soul is cosmically supported.

I want you to FEEL what it’s like receiving money in return for merely being you.

And I want to GIVE to you the BEST energetic shifts, codes, lessons & lifehacks that you need to step into the version of you that you KNOW is waiting to be embodied by you next.

Doing that will feel:

> right, natural, rich, cool, fun & movie-like amazing

And it will result in:

> more money

Regardless of:

> whether or not you’re working at changing your life;
> whether or not you have a formal business;
> whether or not you have money blocks;
> whether or not you know what your life purpose is;
> whether or not all of what I’m telling you feels realistic to you.

Sounds good, huh?


This is not for everyone.

So before I take you further down into the juicy details of what I’ve created for you, you have to make a commitment.

That commitment being:

You have be willing to let go of everything that you thought was true.

All beliefs about yourself.
All beliefs about your life.
All beliefs about what it takes to receive money.
All beliefs about being you.
All beliefs about taking action.
All beliefs about what it’s like to have a business.
All beliefs about the world.
All beliefs about your life’s purpose.
All beliefs about giving.
All beliefs about receiving.


You have to be willing to show up and do the work.

Every day.

If there’s a no in you to either of these two commitments, then what I have to offer you is not for you and you may now gracefully exit this page.

For what I am offering you is not for the faint-hearted.

Not for those who want to hold onto doubt, fear, safety, mediocrity and the urge to control outcomes.

Oh no.

What I am offering you is for the women who are ready to exit the system.
It’s for the witches who are ready to release the maybe someday I hope I might.
It’s for the birds of paradise who want to sink into the Self ever more deeply.
It’s for the Goddesses whose sole craving is to radiate the Mighty Light.

So if and only IF you feel a YES to all of the above, then please do continue reading.

Because YOU are invited to apply to:

Messenger. 6 Weeks To Making Money Being You, Doing Absolutely Nothing

What Is Messenger?
Messenger is:
> 6 weeks of diving deeply into the depths of your soul
> 6 weeks of releasing all that never was true
> 6 weeks of activating your life on purpose
> 6 week of receiving financial abundance in return for merely being you

What Does Messenger Look Like?
This is what Messenger looks like:

Week 1: Identifying Your Message & Your Work
Day 1: Opening Your Cosmic Channel
Day 2: Identifying Your Message
Day 3: Identifying Your Work
Day 4: Identifying The Practical Forms That Your Work Takes

Result: Your cosmic channel is opened, you feel free to speak your truth with ease & grace, you remember what you came here to do & you have identified 3 practical forms that your work here may take.

Week 2: Rewiring Your Daily Life
Day 1: Acknowledging What Is
Day 2: Clustering Daily Tasks
Day 3: Clustering Weekly Tasks
Day 4: Clustering Monthly Tasks

Result: You have opened up a minimum of 1 hour per day to spend merely being you.

Week 3: Calling In Money
Day 1: Releasing Vows Of Poverty
Day 2: Identifying With Money
Day 3: Shifting Attention From Outflux To Influx
Day 4: Understanding That Everything Counts

Result: You have healed your most prominent money blocks and are ready to get practical about receiving money into your experience.

Week 4: Perpetually Calling In Money
Day 1: Opening Up To Receive Money Perpetually
Day 2: Opening Up To Having Conversations With Potential Clients
Day 3: Generating Conversations With Potential Clients
Day 4: Leading Conversations With Potential Clients

Result: You have created your first funnel and you have a very yummy feeling about it.

Week 5: Rewriting Your Contract With The Light
Day 1: Releasing All Present & Past Lifetime Contracts That No Longer Serve
Day 2: Writing Your New Contract With The Light: Scheduling Your Off Time
Day 3: Writing Your New Contract With The Light: Scheduling Your On Time
Day 4: Writing Your New Contract With The Light: Scheduling Your Income

Result: You feel cleared from old weight that is keeping you stuck and have a beautiful new contract with the Light that makes you look forward to waking up every day.

Week 6: Solidifying You
Day 1: Remembering That Your Only To Do Is To Be
Day 2: Unearthing Actions
Day 3: Serving The Greatest Good
Day 4: Q&A

Result: You feel supported & well established being the true you.


Messenger. 6 Weeks To Making Money Being You.

Taken from the BEST energetic shifts, codes, lessons & lifehacks I’ve gathered over the past 10+ years online to ultimately end up being happy, creative, free & making good money being me.

Just imagine where you’ll be if you implement only half of that 😀

My story

I’m Anke Hans. I’m an artist from the Netherlands and I work with brilliant beautiful women like yourself daily.

Women with a message, women with great gifts and first and foremost women with an energy so pure that I am in awe every time I get to experience it.

Women who know that they came in to do great work, but who maybe want me to assist them getting it out there into the world.

So I help you get your message & work out, and I equip you with everything you need to embody the next version of you fully.

I live in a small village in the south of the Netherlands.

I love being, having deep conversations, creating whatever I want to create & going on lush adventures in the weekends.

My business allows me to do all of it.

After many years of hesitance, insecurity, doubt and struggle with the system I released 95% of my belongings and finally said YES to my healing, my purpose, my art, my message AND to sharing all that I’ve learned with the most beautiful woman clients I could ever imagine working with.

And now, well…

… here we are.

I live with my beautiful friend, with 5% of the belongings that I had one year ago, making more money each month but most importantly so: at the end of every day feeling like I did what I came here to do.

And if you’ve read until here, it is time for you TOO, to start delivering that message & work of yours to the world. And be rewarded for it. Royally so.

Messenger: The Details
Content Types You Can Expect: Live Light Language Transmissions, Empowering Livestreams, Lifehacks & Practical Checklists
Content Will Be Delivered In: A Password-Protected Webpage

7 Reasons To Join Messenger Now
#1: You feel that you’re playing the game of life one or two sizes too small
#2: You no longer want to spend your time generating your life via the system or others
#3: You are exhausted efforting
#4: You are done wondering whether or not you too could live a miraculous life
#5: You are ready to BE you now rather than staying stuck BECOMING you someday someway, you hope, you might
#6: You know you’re not going to make the energetic shifts required to get there on your own
#7: You want to experience what it’s like to receive money in return for being you

And really, just once and for all, you want to know HOW to make this friggin’ money thing work FOR you rather than having to work for IT.

Messenger: 2 Versions
There are 2 ways to participate in Messenger:

Version #1: Online Program
> Lifetime access to all Messenger content (value: €497)

Version #2: VIP program
> Lifetime access to all Messenger content (value: €497 )
> 1 hour Q&A Call With Me 1:1 At The End Of Messenger (value: €227)

Investment Details
The value of Messenger Online Program (Version #1) is: €497 excluding 21% VAT.


During the month of February 2022, your investment for Messenger Online Program (Version #1) is only: €27 including 21% VAT.

The value of Messenger VIP Program (Version #2) is: €724 excluding 21% VAT.


During the month of February 2022, your investment for Messenger VIP Program (Version #2) is only: €127 including 21% VAT.

You can enter both versions of Messenger now.

Shoot me an email @ to receive access.

Money Back Guarantee
If you’re not 100% satisfied with everything you receive in Messenger I’ll give you your money back. Simply email me at within 48 hours of your purchase and I’ll refund your money. No questions asked.