This is Kitty & Hans.

Kitty & Hans live in a big beautiful house in Maria Hoop, together with 3 dogs.

They love to cycle, unravel the truths of life on Earth, upgrading their house, reading books & spending time with their kids.

Kitty even wrote a book with her daughter Anne, called Zinvol rouwen.

Zinvol rouwen is an intimate autobiographical account of the death process of Robin, one of Kitty & Hans’ sons.

What I find radical about this book is that through it, Kitty reframes grieving as an opportunity to feel through everything that wants to be felt so that we can awaken to who we really are.

Whether inside or outside of the book, I love Kitty’s commitment to uncovering the truth & bringing it to the forefront in its full rawness.

No fluff.
No decoration.
No polishing it up.

Just the plain truth.

That which ACTUALLY happened.

This is an ode to Hans & Kitty.