There aren’t many online influencers who have triggered me like Kat does.

The ease and flow with which she does her thing and asks and receives money…


And that while she has been in an equally hopeless financial situation as myself.

Yes, this woman has been driving me mad.

Found myself oscillating between devotional worship of her and ‘Fuck all this egoic shit, I quit your content Kat!’

But hey, here’s the truth >> I admire Kat.

I admire her for persisting in doing the inner work required to unblock wealth, while not being guaranteed results.

I admire her for messaging daily – on her own terms.

I admire her for her capacity to receive.

I admire her for her deep trust in the Universe.

I admire her for surrendering to the higher good.

I admire her drive to make the world’s cells feel that abundance is always already available to them.

And maybe most of all, I admire her for helping me out in person with a payment question.

This is my Ode To Self-Made Multi-Millionaire Katrina Ruth.