The moment we open our eyes we already have too little of it.


Clock time, to be more precise.

Clock time is time that we can measure, providing us with continuity and the possibility to make appointments with other people.

But did you know there is another type of time available to us at any moment?

You may sense it when you’re on holiday.

When you’re watching the sun set on the beach, for example.

Then time seems to widen and thicken itself as by magic and brings you the gifts of deep concentration, new insights and the enthusiasm to start something new.

This type of time is kairotic time.

It is a delicious interruption of clock time and makes you say ‘You know what?

I’m going to cancel my appointments today and lay in my lover’s arms right here on this beach until it gets too cold.’

An ode to Dutch writer and philosopher Joke Hermsen, who wrote extensively and beautifully on chronotic and kairotic time.