5 Months To Going Big With Your Art

Hi there beauty,

Awesome to have you here.

My best guess is that you…

* Are a creative at heart & desiring to live from that place;

* Are having trouble making time & space for your art in your daily life (because, well: life ;-))

* Find it intimidating to share your creations with the world;

* Freak out at the idea of selling your art.

In short: my best guess is that you are feeling blocked in expressing your creativity fully.

And that you find that frustrating because you feel that there is a LOT of art sitting inside of you waiting to come out.

Well, my dear, you are not alone.

I know MANY creatives who feel like:

> There’s (much!) more inside of them than is coming out;

> They have a bigger, a more audacious, a more wild, a more FREE life to live (but they feel they don’t have access to it now);

> They ought to make a change in that direction but they have no clue where to start.

And then, after a good weekend, or a profound retreat, or being ill, or an amazing holiday, they tell themselves:


NOW is the time.

NOW I am TRULY going to change my life.

NOW I am going to take my creativity seriously.

NOW I am going to unleash it fully.

But then…


Nothing happens.

Their patterns got the better of them again.

Which doesn’t happen because they don’t WANT to grow in their art, btw.

On the contrary.

They do!

It’s just that they just don’t know how to go about it.

They don’t know where to START.

They don’t know what their next ALIGNED action step is.

And so they cope with being a blocked artist by telling themselves things like:

“Well, it’s not all THAT important.

There’s other things in my life that are cool too. And important!

Like running the household, working, eating healthily, nourishing family & friend relationships…”

And on the inside they suffer.

For a good reason, too!

Because all the beauty that is awaiting expression inside of them remains locked away, never seeing the light of day, never making themselves & clients happy, never healing the world.

For an artistic soul, this is as torturous an experience as it can get.

I can tell because I’ve been there.

I’m Anke, by the way.


Here’s me last summer, right before sending a portrait of mine off to the UK.

It was such a happy moment!

But that was not always my experience.

Let me take you back roughly 6 years, to New Year’s Eve 2016.

While drinking champagne with my homies & boyfriend, watching fireworks & apparently having an excellent time, I felt a message coming through: “If nothing fundamental is going to change within a month’s time, I am going to be jumping off this roof.”

This was serious shit.

Surely I was unhappy.

Not able to function.

Living off money I had loaned from my boyfriend.

Feeling incredibly stuck.

And… having no clue what was wrong.

Yup, I wasn’t even AWARE that I was a blocked artist!

I thought I was an urban academic turned freelance copywriter specialized in new media & digital culture.

And boy had I been steering my life full speed into the wrong direction.

Good thing that that so needed fundamental change happened within a month’s time.

I went on an Adidam weekend retreat called ‘Where Is Happiness?’

I surrendered to God.

And from that moment on, I couldn’t stop myself from drawing even if I tried.

It was the most radical shift my life has seen as of yet.

Within a few month’s time I broke up with the man I was with & moved from the busy city of Utrecht to the sleepy village of Maria Hoop where I started a 3 year period of clearing noise from my system & restoring feeling.

I shifted from being all over the place with my energy not even KNOWING I was an artist to a simple, peaceful life where I draw every day, share & sell my work AND support my awesome clients worldwide in activating them in their art & going big with it, too.

Looking back over the past few years, there were 5 specific things that were keeping me blocked:

1 :: I hadn’t yet been ACTIVATED in my artist identity on the deepest possible level. I didn’t feel myself to be an artist. I didn’t know myself as an artist. I couldn’t treat myself as an artist. I couldn’t receive support as an artist. And so neither could the world feel, know, treat & support me as an artist;

2 :: I wasn’t actively CREATING TIME & SPACE in my daily life to cultivate my creativity. I felt that I had to be a responsible person working serious jobs to pay the bills and keep any childish or at best therapeutic creative activity locked away in nighttime or on a Sunday afternoon.

3 :: I didn’t know the ingredients that I NEEDED to have in place to make my creativity an automaticity. And in the absence of me actively working that out, my life filled itself with plenty of other things to busy myself with;

4 :: I wasn’t SHARING my creations with the world in a way that was signaling ‘I am an artist’. I would create but be inconsistent in the way I showed up;

5 ;; I wasn’t willing to learn how to WRAP & SELL my creations in a way that felt right to me. So I couldn’t experience the joy of being an artist fully.

So, back to you now, my dear.

Cause if you, too, are excited to shift from a blocked artist to a happy artist, these are the 5 steps I KNOW are going to get you there:

1 :: Receive ACTIVATION of your artist identity on the deepest possible level. This will allow you to start seeing, embracing & treating yourself as the artist you already know yourself to be inside. The world can then follow your lead;

2 :: Actively work on CREATING TIME & SPACE in your daily life to cultivate your creativity. Start seeing your art as your responsibility;

3 :: Learn what you NEED to have in place in order to create on the daily. So that you can give it to yourself & get arting without experiencing any practical frictions;

4 :: SHARE your art with the world in a way that is signaling to the world ‘I am an artist’. It doesn’t have to be perfect, but do aim for consistency in the way you show up;

5 :: Learn how to WRAP & SELL your creations in a way that feels right to you – and never will you ‘have to work’ anymore.

To be honest with you, dear reader, I REALLY would have appreciated it if somebody would’ve offered me a hand in walking through these 5 steps when I was standing there on that roof watching the end of my life as it was coming closer.

But well, that didn’t happen.

So, while investing in coaching programs that just weren’t a fit for me at ALL, I gathered the puzzle pieces myself and am VERY excited about the fact that now I have poured everything I have learned about being an artist into THE most powerful 1 on 1 coaching program I have created thus far:

Creator :: The Adventure

5 Months To Going Big With Your Art

In Creator :: The Adventure I’m going to be taking you by the hand, activating you, walking you through these 5 simple steps & cheering you on all along the way.

So that after 5 months of adventuring together:

  • You have 100% certainty about who you are and what you want. No more doubting your creativity, no more postponing action taking, no more running around in circles. You experience peace of mind, steady progress and a deep sense of connection with yourself and your art;
  • You have created a daily life in which all elements support you in doing your art rather than distracting you from it. Nothing can get in the way of you doing your art any longer;
  • A positive sense of control over your art. Your creativity no longer is a misty, unpredictable phenomenon. You know what you need to create on the daily – and you are unstoppable!
  • You have clarity about how you want to be visible with your art – and you really enjoy it! You feel relieved from the pressure of ‘having to be visible’;
  • You are selling your art in a way that feels aligned for you. Having added this skill to your artist toolbox gives you the power & confidence you need to keep moving the needle every day.


After Creator :: The Adventure you are going to be soaring through life.

Feeling RIGHT on track & moving FULL speed ahead.

  • So, what do you get in Creator :: The Adventure?

    Short version
    Everything you need to make sure that you (finally!) take the steps required to go big with your art – and to make the process light, happy & do-able rather than heavy, discouraging & overwhelming.

    Detailed version
    5 powerful modules, each 4 weeks long:

    Module 1 :: Activating You
    Kickstart Call :: Setting The Right Goal For You
    Week 1 :: Opening Your Cosmic Channel
    Week 2 :: Remembering Your Art Forms
    Week 3 :: Locating Your Message
    Week 4 :: Allowing The Art Through Prior To Norms

    Results :: It’s clear to you what you want to get out of this program, your cosmic channel is opened, you are crystal clear on what your art forms are, you speak your truth with ease & grace where-ever you go and you feel the importance of engaging in your art.

    Module 2 :: Hacking Your Daily Life
    Kickstart Call :: Lifehacking 101
    Week 1 :: Clustering Daily Tasks
    Week 2 ::
    Clustering Weekly Tasks
    Week 3 :: Clustering Monthly Tasks
    Week 4 :: Clustering Yearly Tasks

    Results :: You have cleared up a minimum of 1 hour of time per day to create, share & sell your art. You feel like a cross over between Tim Ferriss and David Allen.

    Module 3 :: Identifying Your Creation Formula
    Kickstart Call :: Remembering Your Creativity As a Child
    Week 1 :: Identifying The Right Balance Between Off-Time & On-Time
    Week 2 :: Choosing The Right Materials & The Right Space
    Week 3 :: Choosing Supportive Relationships
    Week 4 :: Putting The Right Income Goal In Place

    Results :: You know the exact ingredients you need to have in place in order to be creative on the daily. You feel a positive sense of control over your creative muscle.

    Module 4 :: Sharing Your Art With The World
    Kickstart Call :: Unlocking Your Next Level Of Visibility
    Week 1 :: Removing Obligation & Prioritizing Joy
    Week 2 :: Where Are You Always Already Sharing?
    Week 3 :: Producing Your Press Release Like A Pro
    Week 4 :: Discriminating When To Merely Be Vs. When To Be Daring

    Results :: You are clear on how you want to be visible with your art and that feels free & FUN! Your new vibe attracts new followers & fans to you on the weekly.

    Module 5 :: Selling Your Art
    Kickstart Call :: Healing Your Money Blocks
    Week 1 :: Linking Art, Money & Heart
    Week 2 :: Generating Ways For Your Fans To Say Yes
    Week 3 :: Presenting Your Offering To The World
    Week 4 :: Being A Money Press

    Results :: You know how to turn your creations into cool products & services that your fans say yes to. Mastering this skill is going to serve you for the rest of your epic creative life.

So yes.

Creator :: The Adventure is a gem!

It’s unique in the world, too.

I am the only artist in the world working with a mixture of powerful Light Language Artist Activations as well as sharing with you the practical mindsets, knowledge & skills you need to go big with your art in a relatively short period of time.

The healing power of Light Language activates your identity as an artist on the deepest possible level, supporting you in becoming & remaining to unfold as the artist you know yourself to be on the inside.

The practical modules help you to bring your uniquely creative work into the world in an ever fuller way & be rewarded for it royally.

Creator :: The Adventure truly is a one of a kind super valuable program.

Next spot opening: February 1st.

“Sounds REALLY good Anke. Now what’s it gonna cost me?

I hear you ask.

The total value of what you receive in Creator :: The Adventure is well over €4997.


Your investment for Creator :: The Adventure is only half of that: €2497 (excluding 21% VAT).

Or, if it suits you better, you can also pay in 5 monthly terms of €497 (excluding 21% VAT).


If you say YES to Creator :: The Adventure before Friday January 21st and you choose to pay in full, you pay only €1997 (excluding 21% VAT).

Whichever option you choose, you are ensured to receive these three awesome BONUSES (total value: >€1000):

* Lifelong Access To :: Creator :: The Toolkit (value: €147)
As a first bonus to Creator :: The Adventure you receive instant & lifelong access to Creator :: The Toolkit. This toolkit is a SUPER delicious list where I am sharing with you the yummy mix of 30+ tools that I have collected over the last 10+ years & that have been most valuable to me in creating the artist lifestyle I now live.

* Lifelong Access To :: Messenger :: 6 Weeks To Making Money Being You, Doing Absolutely Nothing (value: €347)
As a second bonus to Creator :: The Adventure you receive instant & lifelong access to my magically transformative online program Messenger :: 6 Weeks To Making Money Being You, Doing Absolutely Nothing. Messenger is the perfect container to sit in and prepare yourself energetically for receiving money merely by being you, engaging in your art forms. THE perfect kickstart and/or side-dish to Creator :: The Adventure!

* 5 Full Months Of 1:1 Creative Unblocking Support By Yours Truly Via WhatsApp (value: €547)
As the third bonus to Creator :: The Adventure you receive 1:1 WhatsApp access to me for the entirety of the program. This ensures you don’t get stuck in your creative process and you can receive my cheerleading whenever you need it.

Creator :: The Adventure :: The Guarantee
I am 100% convinced that Creator :: The Adventure is going to help you go big with your art. I just KNOW you will be experiencing beautiful results, in a way that feels fun, natural & free. But hey. Just in case you are not 100% satisfied with everything you receive in Creator :: The Adventure, know that I will give you your money back. Simply shoot an email over at team@crownedbygod.one within 2 weeks of your purchase and you’ll be refunded your money. All of it. No questions asked.

So, you ready, beautiful artist?

See you there!

Love & Light,