This is Anke.

Anke is a beautiful creator living in Maria Hoop, the Netherlands.

In January 2017 Anke had an encounter with the Light.

That was the best event of her life thus far.

What made this encounter so exciting, you may ask?

Well, as soon as Anke felt in all of her cells that the Light Is, she simultaneously realized that she is not limited to being the person she thought she was.

And that person happened to have some issues, so you can imagine that this was a big stress release for her.

Through that release of stress, it became possible for Anke to notice, trust & follow through on the creative impulse of the moment.

Engaging in that impulse soon became so attractive for her that within a year or four she left behind all ideas of what life is supposed to look like for a person with a master’s degree.

Instead, she just focused on decluttering, cleaning, drawing portraits, writing poems & transmitting Light Language.

Now she makes a living out of doing & teaching these things.

This is an ode to Anke.