Hi there beautiful, Iʼm Anke Hans, nice to meet you!

Iʼm a Dutch artist based in Maria Hoop, a tiny village in the south of the Netherlands.

After I got a BA in Communication and Information Sciences and an MA in New Media & Digital Culture, I kickstarted my career as a freelance copywriter in the Dutch tech scene.

But I was so unhappy that on New Yearʼs Eve 2016 I knew that something fundamental had to change for me within a monthʼs time if I was going to be able to continue living my life.

The last weekend of January 2017 I got over my fear of spirituality, attended an Adidam retreat called ‘Where Is Happiness?ʼ and had an awakening experience that healed my perspective of who I am.

From that moment on it had literally become impossible for me to not draw or paint. I felt like I had become a servant taken over by an energey that I refer to as ‘the artʼ.

Turned out I had been an artist all along, but I had been terribly out of sync with it, judging my creativity to be a childish Sunday afternoon hobby max.

Iʼm a happy artist now, working with yummy clients all over the world, my art being enjoyed in both private and public spaces in the Netherlands, Germany, the UK, the US, India, South Africa and Australia.

The people who buy my art usually Insta DM or Facebook PM me if they find one of my artworks is speaking to their hearts or they would like me to create a custom piece for them.

Feel free to also contact me if any piece is talking to you or if youʼd like me to create a custom portrait for you.
Iʼm happy to help you out with any question you may have.

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Happy to have you, my dear!

All my love,